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  • Illness, Absence and Medicines

    • If your child will be absent from Nursery due to illness / other reasons, please telephone us as soon as possible: 0121 444 1230
    • Tummy upsets spread very quickly among small children. Please do not send them to Nursery for at least one day after sickness, and 2 days after diarrhoea. Other contagious illnesses, such as chickenpox, have longer periods where you should keep your child away from Nursery. We are happy to advise you, if necessary.
    • We are happy to administer inhalers for asthma as necessary. If your child needs an inhaler, it is a good idea to ask your GP for a spare one to leave with us.
    • If you need us to give your child their medicine, please bring it to Nursery, clearly labelled. You will need to fill in a consent form, telling us the time and dosage required. This form will then be completed and signed by staff when your child is given their medicine.
    • Head lice and nits are a common problem amongst children. Do not feel ashamed if you find them in your child’s hair – they love clean hair! Please tell us. We will inform you if there is an outbreak of head lice, but you can help by checking your child’s hair each night and combing it thoroughly. Please ask us for advice if you need it.