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  • New Life Nursery School
    80 High Street
    Kings Heath
    B14 7JZ
    Tel: 0121 444 1230

    Early Years Curriculum

    At New Life Nursery School we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, as set out in the Statutory Framework 2017. The curriculum is grouped into four distinct but complementary themes:

    1. A Unique Child Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured
    2. Positive Relationships Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships with parents, carers and practitioners
    3. Enabling Environments Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and carers
    4. Learning and Development Children develop and learn in different ways. Practitioners teach children by ensuring challenging, playful opportunities across the different areas of learning and development, and promote the characteristics of effective early learning:

    • Playing and exploring

    • Active learning

    • Creating and thinking critically


    Learning and Development

    The areas of learning and development are divided into seven areas:

    1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development


    Making relationships
    Self-confidence and self-awareness
    Managing feelings and behaviour
    2. Physical Development Moving and handling
    Health and self-care
    3. Communication and Language Listening and attention
    4. Literacy Reading
    5. Mathematics Numbers
    Shape, space and measure
    6. Understanding the World People and communities
    The world
    7. Expressive Arts and Design Exploring and using media and materials
    Being imaginative

    How You Can Help Your Child

    Our aim in Nursery is to encourage the children to become as independent as possible. You can help your child by supporting them in learning to:

    • Dress and undress – shoes, socks or tights, jumpers and cardigans.
    • Put on and remove outdoor clothing.
    • Use the toilet independently.
    • Wash and dry hands effectively.
    • Use a cup, fork and spoon at mealtimes.
    • Tidy up after using toys, books and other equipment.

    The following will also help your child prepare for school:

    • Books:Encourage your child to look at books. Make a habit of reading stories regularly to your child and encourage him / her to talk about the stories and the pictures. This is the best possible start to the acquiring of reading skills and the key to developing in your child a love for and an appreciation of books. Help your child to learn to turn the pages of a book without tearing them, and to treat books carefully.
    • Songs:Sing songs and become familiar with nursery rhymes. These will help your child to recognise speech patterns, rhymes and rhythm.
    • Name recognition: Be able to recognise his / her own name when printed in script – but NOT CAPITALS, e.g. James NOT JAMES.
    • Colours: Recognise, name and match colours.
    • Dexterity: Know how to hold a pencil / scissors / paintbrush effectively.
    • Communication and trips out: Talk to your child, listen and answer any questions. Take your child out – go shopping, to the park. Visit friends or make use of other special outings, e.g. to the Zoo, swimming etc. Visits like this will help your child to learn lots of different things about their world.
    • Helping at home: Encourage your child to help in the home, e.g. tidying their toys, setting the table, helping with cooking / baking, gardening.
    • Numbers: Use numbers every day and point them out to your child, e.g. house numbers, bus numbers, price tickets etc. Count forwards and backwards with your child when you climb the stairs.
    • Shapes: Help your child to recognise some simple shapes in the environment, e.g. circles and squares, triangles and rectangles.


    Christian Context

    Underpinning all that we do at New Life Nursery school is our love and faith in Jesus Christ. We aim to promote Christian values such as love, respect, obedience, sharing, perseverance, confidence and honesty. Our curriculum will include learning about God as our Father and Creator and learning about Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The children will learn about the meaning and significance of Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter and hear stories from the Bible. They will be taught simple prayers and Christian songs.