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  • A Typical Day at our Nursery

    Here is an example of how your child might spend his or her time with us. Our projects and activities vary depending on the children’s interests, and to correspond with world events and celebrations.


    8.45 – 9.15: Meet and greet and free choice activities.

    Please note: Doors will close promptly at 9.15am. Children arriving after this time will be considered late and marked as such on the register.

    9.15 – 9.30: Welcome Time: Choosing a leader; day of the week, weather, counting children etc.

    9.30 – 9.45: Focused teaching time

    9.45 – 11.25: Adult–directed and child-led activities, which take place both indoors and   outdoors. The children also have Café/Snack Time at 10.00am

    11.25 – 11.45: Story Time / Singing / Prayer

    11.45: Morning children go home / Afternoon children arrive

    11.45 – 12.15: Lunch Club


    12.30 – 12.45: Oral Health – teeth cleaning.

    12.45 – 2.30: Adult–directed and child-led activities, which take place both indoors and outdoors. The children also have Café / Snack Time at 2.00pm

    2.30 – 2.45pm:  Story Time / Singing

    2.45pm: Home Time